Pilates Fitness Training


Total-Body Workouts

There are misconceptions about Pilates. It is primarily thought of as just a stretching class. Although you do receive flexibility gains while doing Pilates, that is a secondary benefit. Pilates is actually a form of strength training.

And exercising on the Reformer enables you to work EVERY muscle in your body while improving your core strength and stability at the same time. You develop a smaller, firmer waistline and you get toned all over your body without excessive bulk.

Reformer sessions always emphasize strength, but then can also include cardiovascular conditioning (especially when combined with jump boarding, Kranking or bouncing). So, in these Pilates classes you burn more calories and reduce body fat.

Exercising on the Reformer is safe and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels (including beginners and seniors). Pilates Reformer workouts represent a different way to exercise and they are a lot of fun!

Training Benefits

  • Become much more mobile and physically capable
  • Body aches and pains tend to reduce or go away completely
  • Clothes fit better becasue of becoming more firm and nicely toned everywhere
  • Feel energetic and more lively overall

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